The NXT-4D Xtreme 4 Door Controller is built for today's IT environments. With all Ethernet functionality built directly into the controller, Keri's proprietary MAC address allows for reliable hardware discovery and true 1 button autoconfiguration.

To expand the system's capabilities, up to four companion 4 x 4 Input/Output boards (NXT-4X4) can be added - one to each of the controller's RS-485 trunks (busses).


  • Sophisticated Hardware Platform that reduces the total installed cost of access control

  • 100% Distributed Intelligence, Expandable 1 or 2 Doors at a Time



The NXT-5R measures 4.18 inches high by 2.95 inches wide by .625 inches deep (10.6 cm high x 7.5 cm wide x 1.6 cm deep) and can be mounted on a US single gang electrical box or flat on a wall. Read range is up to 6" (15cm) when mounted at least one inch off metal.


The NXT-1R offers the best combination of size and read range available.


The NXT-3R TM Reader usually designed for mounting on metal window mullions is one of the smallest on the market yet offers exceptional read range.


Κάρτα διασύνδεσης reader της σειράς MS σε πίνακα NXT.

Proximity keytag 16bit.
Iso printable card mag stripe.

Iso printable W/O card-mag stripe.


Keri standard clamshell card.

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