MB-300 (3.00m)

The MB Beam Tower is a robust and discreet enclosure, resistant to vandal acts. This special design allows a 180º protection range, giving the beams the possibility to be mounted at any height within the tower.
The MB Series has been designed to allow the fitting of Infra-red Beams from all of the world's leading manufacturers.

Width : 13cm. (5.12").

Depth : 14cm. (5.51").

Height: 100, 150, 200 and 300cm**
(3' 3.4"; 4' 11"; 6' 6.7" and 9' 10").

Weight: 11Kg.

**MB-300 (300cm) includes MB3SB
(70cm - 27.56" side brackets).

-Structure: Anodized black aluminium.

-Shields: Polycarbonate with UV treatment.

- Floor base: Aluminium.

-Top cover: Polyamide with UV treatment.

-Sealing strip: EPDM.

-Stainless side brackets (MBSB) included with each unit except MB300.

-MB3SB 70cm height (27.56") side bracket included with each MB300.