Access Control

The NXT-4D Xtreme 4 Door Controller is built for today's IT environments. With all Ethernet functionality built directly into the controller, Keri's proprietary MAC address allows for reliable hardware discovery and true 1 button autoconfiguration.

To expand the system's capabilities, up to four companion 4 x 4 Input/Output boards (NXT-4X4) can be added - one to each of the controller's RS-485 trunks (busses).


This reader provides up to 15" (38 cm) read range for applications where extra range adds to the convenience of the system, such as parking entrances or reading through extra thick building materials.


  • Sophisticated Hardware Platform that reduces the total installed cost of access control

  • 100% Distributed Intelligence, Expandable 1 or 2 Doors at a Time



The P-600 and P-650 are ideal for those applications that require both an access credential and a personal identification number (PIN).


The DK-26 features a fully waterproof design that can mount directly on a narrow stile door frame. For higher security, the DK-26 is delivered in two parts. The keypad surface mounts via hidden screws and the CPU board mounts with steel enclosure inside the protected area (16 ft.


Application - The Touch Sense Bar is for use on magnetically locked, non firerated doors.


Application - 600 lb.


Application - 600 lb.


Color Ribbon HDP5000 (500images)



Unit Dimensions


Pyramid Series communicates via Wiegand or ABA Track II Magnetic Stripe (also known as clock and data) data interface formats.


Έγχρωμη μελανοταινία για εκτυπωτή DTC 1000 του οίκου Fargo για 250 prints.



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