Monitor up to eight sensors (4 wireless, 4 hardwired) for temperature, humidity, water detection, and industrial measurements suach as pressure or flow.


HAIII Humidity Sensor


Ασύρματος ανιχνευτής υγρασίας αέρος. Ανιχνεύει επίπεδο υγρασίας από 5% έως 95%. 


Wireless Temperature Sensor . Temperature Range 0° to + 50° C


Ασύρματος πομπός 1 εισόδου δέχεται εξωτερικό (καλωδιακό) sensor θερμοκρασίας ή πλυμμήρας. 


Monitor two zones with any combination of a remote temperature, humidity or water sensing probes.


The Cosmotron VVS302-PLUS is a seismic, or structural vibration detector designed to protect ATM's, night safe deposit boxes or ticket machines.


The Cosmotron VVS300-PLUS is a seismic, or structural vibration detector designed to detect attempts to break into vaults, vault doors, safes, and other reinforced areas such as data storage and filing cabinets.


SS High Temp Thermistor Probe (32 to 299° F).


Ανιχνευτής πλημμύρας 12, 24VAC/DC. Διαθέτει έξοδο N/C η οποία παραμένει ανοικτή όσο διάστημα υφίσταται και η διέγερση.


Hand held test unit for VVS3xx-PLUS and VVS700 series.


Floor mounting box for VVS3xx-PLUS and VVS700 series


SS Low Temp Thermistor Probe (-58 to 158° F).



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