NXT Series

Proximity keytag 16bit.

To expand the system's capabilities, up to four companion 4 x 4 Input/Output boards (NXT-4X4) can be added - one to each of the controller's RS-485 trunks (busses).

The NXT-4D Xtreme 4 Door Controller is built for today's IT environments. With all Ethernet functionality built directly into the controller, Keri's proprietary MAC address allows for reliable hardware discovery and true 1 button autoconfiguration.

The NXT-1R offers the best combination of size and read range available.


The NXT-3R TM Reader usually designed for mounting on metal window mullions is one of the smallest on the market yet offers exceptional read range.


The NXT-5R measures 4.18 inches high by 2.95 inches wide by .625 inches deep (10.6 cm high x 7.5 cm wide x 1.6 cm deep) and can be mounted on a US single gang electrical box or flat on a wall. Read range is up to 6" (15cm) when mounted at least one inch off metal.


Κάρτα διασύνδεσης reader της σειράς MS σε πίνακα NXT.


Keri standard clamshell card.


Iso printable W/O card-mag stripe.

Iso printable card mag stripe.
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