Model DX-I000 LED Infrared Illuminator is excellent for any CCD camera in low light condition, especially at night time or the covert locations. It is made of heavy aluminum including rubber bushing on the cabinet.


Model DX-I000A/B/C/D Infrared Illuminators employ Halogen Lamp with hard glass and are matched with lowlightness CCD cameras.


LED ΠΡΟΒΟΛΗΣ 114 LED, 100 μέτρα ΡΥΘΜΙΖΟΜΕΝΟ: 90o / 60o/ 45o/ 30o ΜΗΚΩΣ ΚΥΜΑΤΟΣ: 850mm. ΤΑΣΗ ΛΕΙΤΟΥΡΓΙΑΣ: 230vdc ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ: 200 x 124 x 143 mm ΒΑΡΟΣ: 900gr, Με LED υψηλής ποιότητας.

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