Safire Passive Balun 1 anal Analog HD 150-500m

Κωδικός : DX-802V

Passive twisted pair video transceiver from Safire, 2 units for transmission and reception, specific for high definition analog (HD). Optimized for the transmission of the video signal from 1 HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD or CVBS camera via twisted pair. It has male BNC connector and cable insertion terminal with Splicing Button, two-pin connector. The maximum length between the end that connects to the camera and the end that connects to the video output depends on the signal resolution and the high definition technology used: HDTVI 720p - 200 m HDTVI 1080p - 250 m HDTVI 3Mp - 250 m HDTVI 5Mp - 150 m HDTVI 8Mp - 150 m HDCVI 720p - 300 m HDCVI 1080p - 250 m HDCVI 4Mp - 200 m HDCVI 8Mp - 150 m AHD 720p - 200 m AHD 1080p - 300 m AHD 4Mp - 200 m AHD 5Mp - 150 m CVBS - 500 m


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